Columbus, GA, Requires Zinc-Coated DIP



11:30-11:55 a.m.

Columbus, GA, Requires Zinc-Coated DIP

Speakers: Tom Ford, Manager of Engineering, Columbus Waterworks; and Bink Green, Territory Manager, American Ductile Iron Pipe Company


Columbus Water Works, just like nearly 700 members of the DIPRA 100-year and 150-year clubs, believes that “you get what you pay for.” Iron pipe, made of either gray or ductile iron, has a very favorable history of sustainability in the Columbus system. Some lines have been in service over 100 years. The line with the greatest duration of continuous service was installed in 1885.  With the objective of sustaining their piping system beyond 200 years, Columbus determined zinc coating of its DIP was a technically sound and financially responsible measure. This presentation is a case study of Columbus’ cost justification process based on the passivating benefit of zinc coating, the knowledge of how it works to protect the underlying pipe, and the moderate pricing differential of zinc coated ductile iron pipe.