Contamination Issues on Construction Sites



10:00-10:55 a.m.

Contamination Issues on Construction Sites

Speakers: Richard Klar, P.Geo., Vice President, Raba Kistner Environmental; Rafael Ortega, P.E., President, Aurora Technical Services LLC; and C. Vipulanandan (Vipu), Ph.D., P.E., Professor/Director-CIGMAT, Director of THC‑IT, University of Houston


Contamination can be detected on sites during construction. In addition, the sites might become contaminated during construction for a variety of reasons. Both conditions will result in delays, loss of resources and increased cost. It is also critical to meet the regulations developed by owners (local, state and federal agencies, and private companies) to minimize losses, which can be even more challenging. This presentation will review environmental site investigation protocols to address issues related to contamination impacting underground utility pipelines, such as methods to identify and handle various types of contaminations, the use of different pipe materials and installation/replacement technologies, and ever-changing regulations regarding Hazardous Waste Management Plans. Also, case studies will illustrate contamination issues on construction sites and methods used to minimize delays and other losses.