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The Center For Underground Infrastructure Research and Education (CUIRE) offers half-day Trenchless Technology Inspector Training And Certification Schools. The certification schools are designed specifically for personnel in the underground utilities construction and rehabilitation industry such as public officials, engineers, utility company personnel, designers, utility owners/operators and contractors who are involved with constructing, renewing and managing utilities. This year’s program includes two full-day schools; Geotechnical and Advanced HDD. Course instruction will be provided by notable industry experts. Credit is granted through the University of Texas at Arlington. All rates are per person/per school.

For more information, contact Sahar at CUIRE, (817) 272-9177, or email or visit 


Center for Underground Infrastructure Research & Education (CUIRE) 

16th Annual Certification Schools 

Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 29-30, 2018
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana 


Monday, Jan. 29, 2017 

 8:00 AM  Noon 


  • Advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) School (Part One) – Planning and design of large, mid- and small-size HDD projects from inception to closeout and delivery. The school will include talks on pipe loads, bore planning, drilling fluids and case studies. 


  • Geotechnical School (Part One) – Geotechnical requirements for both trenchless and open-cut applications, soft soils and rock investigations methods, and how ground conditions will impact trenchless feasibility and productivity.  


  • Flexible Pipeline Design Installation School (Part One, Design Requirements) – This school presents design requirements for large diameter flexible pipelines for pressure and non-pressure applications for both circular and noncircular shapes. 


1:00 – 5:00 PM 


  • Advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) School (Part Two) – The second part of this school will include construction projects of all sizes, plus tracking, locating and case studies.  


  • Geotechnical School (Part Two) – Planning, geotechnical reporting, and contracting requirements for trenchless technologies for different ground conditions. 


  • Flexible Pipeline Design Installation School (Part Two, Installation Requirements) – This school presents installation requirements including QC/QA, inspection, and project delivery for large diameter flexible pipelines for pressure and non-pressure applications for both circular and noncircular shapes. 


  • Microtunneling and Pilot Tube School – This school will cover planning, design and construction of Microtunneling Methods (MT) and Pilot Tube and Other Guided Boring Methods (PTGBM), and will includes case studies. A discussion of new ASCE Microtunneling Standards and Manual of Practice on PTGBM will be presented by authors. 


Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2017 


8:00 AM – Noon 


  • Pipe School – This school will cover applications, capabilities, manufacturing, standards, advantages and limitations of each type of pipe, such as steel, ductile iron, vitrified clay, PVC, HDPE, fiberglass, life cycle costing, etc., and new developments in pipe materials and joining systems. 


  • Mud School for Trenchless Technology – This school will cover everything attendees need to know to properly mix and apply drilling fluids for trenchless applications, including spoil removal and lubrication applications.  


  • Horizontal Auger Boring and Pipe Ramming School  This school will cover planning, design, construction of conventional pipe jacking and horizontal auger boring, along with pipe ramming. 


  •  Pipe Lining and Renewal School – This school will cover pipe lining methods including Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP), sliplining, modified sliplining (panel lining), close-fit, Spray-in-Place Pipe (SIPP) and other methods. This school will also cover planning, design, construction, inspection and QA/QC.  


Each ½ day school qualifies for 0.4 CEU and 4 PDHs through the University of Texas at Arlington.  

For more information, contact Sahar at CUIRE, (817) 272-9177, or email or visit 

The registration fees for these Schools are according to following table: 




Registration  What You Receive? 
Before Jan. 15  After Jan. 15  At Site  

(Cash or Check Only) 

1/2-Day  $195  $295  $350 
  • Up to 0.4 CEU, 4 PDHs,  
  • Full UCT Registration 
1-Day  $395  $495  $550 
  • Up to 0.8 CEUs, 8 PDHs,  
  • Full UCT Registration 
  • Trenchless Technology Book 
1.5-Day  $695  $795  $850