December 18, 2017





Product Description:

NO-DIG Steam-Cured Lining System that uses VOC-free Epoxy, and fiberglass for optimal liner strength. Used to repair Laterals, Spot repairs, Y’s, and Lateral-Main-Connections! Also available: FORMAPOX 301 which is our extra strength resin for Industrial Lining, and DURAPOX which is our 60 days open-time Epoxy resin, used for pre-impregnated liners.


Company Description:

FORMADRAIN® is the #1 Lateral Lining brand in Canada. A leader since 1994 in lateral lining using steam for  greater quality control. FORMADRAIN’s liner is adapted to lateral lining using high mechanical  materials which minimizes pipe diameter reduction and often increases flow capacity due to its smooth finish.



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