TRA Walker-Calloway Outfall: Aging Inimitable System




9:30-9:55 a.m.

TRA Walker-Calloway Outfall: Aging Inimitable System

Speakers: Derek Schwanke, P.E., Project Manager, RJN Group Inc.; and Marco Ramirez, P.E., Engineer, Planning & Development, Trinity River Authority of Texas


This presentation will discuss the Walker-Calloway Branch Outfall Trunk Sewer System and the unique way the Trinity River Authority provides operations and maintenance on the facilities, and the strategy that is currently unfolding to rehabilitate/replace the infrastructure and extend the design life. Since 2012, detailed investigations have been conducted on the system to estimate the remaining useful life. The condition assessment utilized cutting-edge CCTV technology. Capacity of the system was also analyzed utilizing flow meters and by developing a hydraulic model. Lastly, a preliminary design report was conducted to develop a detailed plan over seven phases to rehabilitate the system. The intent of the multi-year study and subsequent rehabilitation plan is to minimize cost and impact to the customer cities that discharge flow into the system.