Matt Werth, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Quadex Repair Systems

werthMatthew Werth is product manager at Quadex Repair Systems, developer and manufacturer of water and sewer infrastructure repair materials, products and specialty equipment. Previously, he was instrumental in creating programs at Vortex Infrastructure Products to rehabilitate underground pipelines, and held leadership positions at a trenchless infrastructure contractor. He earned a B.A. in Finance, with a concentration in Investments, from The University of North Florida.

8:30-8:55 a.m.
Design Considerations & Benefits of Pipe Bursting
George Mallakis, Regional Manager, TT Technologies
This presentation will review the basics of pipe bursting including types, product, classifications, terms, etc. The basic and ever-growing scope of pipe bursting and splitting technologies will be highlighted.

mallakisGeorge Mallakis, regional manager for TT Technologies Inc., has over 30 years of varied trenchless technology experience as a municipal engineer, contractor, and manufacturer in both design and construction.  His experience includes cement mortar lining, epoxy lining, cipp lining, internal joint seals, directional drilling, pneumatic piercing tools, pipe ramming, pipe bursting and sliplining.

9:00-9:25 a.m.
Managing Expectations: Trenchless Rehabilitation, Renewal
Matt Timberlake, President, Ted Berry Trenchless Technologies
This presentation will discuss the challenges and importance of properly managing expectations of the owner, engineer and contractor when considering the pipe bursting process in complex situations.

matt-timberlakeMatt Timberlake is president of the three-generation, family owned and operated Ted Berry Company Inc. Recognized by the Northeast Trenchless Association with its Founders Award, the Maine Waste Water Control Association’s Presidents Award, the Maine Water Environment Association Communications award, and the Maine Water Utilities Association with its Jim Doherty Award, and as author of numerous articles and technical papers, he is known as a leader in the underground utility industry.

9:30-9:55 a.m.
Financial Intelligence of Pipe Bursting
Mike Woodcock, Owner, Portland Utilities Construction
This presentation will discuss the construction costs of pipe bursting and other pipe rehabilitation techniques, and highlight the decision points that make the pipe bursting option the most economical. Issues to be addressed include the impact of point repairs, asphalt and other surface improvements; easement acquisition costs and other areas where pipe bursting will be a benefit.  In addition, the session will cover the situations where pipe bursting may not be beneficial.

10:00-10:25 a.m.
Transferring Risk: Pipe Bursting Inside Pepsi Plant
Shawn Ready, Trenchless Services Manager, Ted Berry Trenchless Technologies
The presentation will outline how a contractor and an owner tackled a unique and challenging pipe bursting project with high risk and rewards by transferring the risk back to the owner who eventually benefited from doing so.

readyShawn Ready is operations manager and senior project manager for the Ted Berry Trenchless Technologies team, specializing in all trenchless facets, especially sliplining, pipe bursting, pipe ramming, CIPP short liners, CIPP UV cure, CIPP inversion lining and industrial piping. During his 12 years with the company, he has overseen more than 250,000 feet of trenchless pipe installation, from estimating and design, to field supervision and machine operations.

10:30-11:25 a.m.
Peer Group Round Table Discussion
The presenters will lead a round table discussion related to the material presented in the morning session. Questions to be addressed include: What are some of the cost benefits of pipe bursting you see when compared to open cut or CIPP? What is the best way to manage expectations for trenchless rehabilitation and renewal? What are the advantages and disadvantages of transferring risk when tackling unique and challenging projects that would otherwise not be attempted?


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