Grady Bell, Director of Business Development, Wolfcreek Group

8:30-9:55 a.m.
Richard Levings, Director-Product Management, American Augers/Trencor
John Bieberdorf, Product Manager, Subsite Electronics
Tony Barbera, Vice President-Product Development; and Derik Engle, Prouduct Development; Barbco Inc.
Cory Mass, Applications Engineer; and Lee Schroeder, Associate Sales Manager; Vermeer Corporation
This session includes these presentations to date: American Augers/Trencor’s new FPS500 fluid processing system for cleaning vacuum excavated fluids/solids and HDD fluids; Subsite Electronics’ TK RECON and TD Recon series, which incorporates several performance-enhancing features now and will accept upgraded features in the future; Vermeer’s new D10x15 S3 rig for small service installations, and FleetEdge digital tool to monitor machines, identify fuel savings opportunities and prioritize maintenance needs across a fleet; and Barbco’s Flexbor hybrid tool designed to virtually eliminate frac-outs/inadvertent returns, and Tribor multi-purpose drill offering the functions and set-up of a standard auger boring machine, HDD rig and guided boring machine.

tony-barberaTony Barbera started with Barbco Inc. in 1989 as a technical trainee under his father Jim Barbera. He became involved in equipment design, as production manager, in the late ‘90s and then became sales manager in 2000, while keeping a close eye on the engineering field. He officially entered the engineering department as technical service manager in 2010 and is currently vice president of product development.


Derik Engle has worked in the pipeline construction industry for over 20 years, with most of that time spent as a bending engineer. He currently works for Barbco Inc. in product development and provides consultation services to pipeline construction and utility companies. In his product-development capacity, he created the hybrid tool Flexbor as a solution to many trenchless installation problems, designing it to virtually eliminate frac-outs/inadvertent returns.

cory-massCory Mass, application engineer, has worked at Vermeer Corporation with a focus in utility installation products for nearly 10 years. His career has consisted of leading engineering teams in the design and update of several products, as well as working with Vermeer productivity tools.


lee-sdchrtoederLee Schroeder, associate sales manager, has worked at Vermeer Corporation with a focus on utility installation products for five years. His time at Vermeer has consisted of aiding dealerships through new product training, customer and retail sales opportunities across the company’s global network of dealerships.

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