Xylem Executives to Participate in 2016 American Water Summit

December 5, 2016

Xylem Inc. executives are scheduled to participate in the 2016 American Water Summit from December 5 – 7 in Miami, Florida. Xylem’s Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Albert Cho will serve on a panel in the opening plenary of the preconference workshop, Big Data, Big Cities: Empowering the Digital Utility. In the session Cho, along with business leaders from water utilities, consultancy firms, IT systems providers and public-private water partnerships will discuss the current vision of the digital utility and outline how they see the future unfolding.

“Water industry leaders have the opportunity to use ‘big data’ to create a step change in the productivity of the water utility sector across the United States and the globe,” said Cho. “By providing smart solutions and data management capabilities to the water industry, we are working to better meet the evolving needs of water utilities. Collaborating with other industry leaders at forums like the American Water Summit helps us ensure that the water sector can maximize the benefits of the digital future.”

Also as part of the preconference workshop, Colin Walsby, Vice President of Strategic Solution Development with Xylem’s Sensus business, will lead a roundtable discussion on billing and metering in the digital utility. Sensus, which was acquired by Xylem in October 2016, is a leader in smart meters, network technologies and advanced data analytics serving the water, electric and gas industries.


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